Twilight Struggle - Variante guerre civile chinoise
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Auteur:  Leonidas300 [ Lun 19 Jan 2009 23:43 ]
Sujet du message:  Twilight Struggle - Variante guerre civile chinoise

J'ai commencé à trouver des infos sur la variante parue dans le C3I (si quelqu'un connait une boutique sur Paris qui l'a reçu, ça m'intéresse, d'avance merci ;) )

Fans of the game may be interested to know that there is an official variant written by Jason that has been published in the latest issue of C3i Magazine. Basically it keeps the China Card and Red Scare out of the Soviet hand until the USSR pays for the opportunity to play them. For more specifics, you'll need to find a copy of the the magazine. The variant seems to be a clever way to specifically address the Early War bias against the US. I haven't tried it yet though, so I can't comment on how it works out in actuality, but it comes across as a very thoughtful way to target what I consider the Achilles' heel in an otherwise stupendous game.

I just received my C3i magazine (nr. 21) and Jason Matthews included a variant for Twilight Struggled based around the early years of China post-WWII. Besides being historically interesting, it looks like it moderates some of the early-game Soviet advantages. For example, Red Scare is not playable as an event until the USSR invests 3 Influence Points into "China".

Apparement, l'idée est que la carte Chine n'est pas dispo et que Red Scare n'est pas jouable comme event par le russe aussi longtemps que ce dernier n'a pas investi 3 points d'op en Chine (ceci représentant le coup de pouce aux communistes chinois pendant la guerre civile pour leur permettre de l'emporter). L'idée est d'augmenter un peu les chances US en early war.
Je trouve l'idée intéressante.Le russe peut choisir de mettre la chine hors jeu mais il perd l'effet terreur que ce nouveau super bloc provoque (red scare). Si quelqu'un a plus d'infos et/ou a testé ...

Dans le même temps, l'auteur cherche apparemment à rajouter de nouvelles cartes. Certaines idées sont très intéressantes.

NORAD -- this would probably be a card similar to ROMANIA for the Soviets. It would basically give the US control of Canada and be a 2 OP card. Early War, IIRC

AWACS (someone recently suggested Faisal) -- this would be a Late War card that would help the US get back into the Middle East. Perhaps it would be linked to Soviet control of Iran or Iranian Hostage Crisis play? Saudi immunity to Muslim Revolutions? Probably 3 ops.

EUROPEAN STEEL AND COAL COMMUNITY -- this would be a 2 OP that would let you paratroop influence into Western Europe. But it would be a repeatable card that would be enhanced by the play of the Marshall Plan and NATO. So, if MP was played you could drop 3 influence into Western Europe. If NATO were played, you could drop 4. The object here is to add the missing link of western European post-war security -- economic integration, and also to show its interrelationship with the Marshall Plan and NATO. Early War.

CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS SUPERIORITY -- This would be a card reflecting the Soviet Union's numerical advantage in conventional forces vis a vis NATO. Perhaps its would allow the Soviets to manipulate DEFCON and MIL OPs simultaneously to their advantage. MIDWAR? Probably 2 OPs.

Là, on en est plus au brainstorming, mais y'a des bricoles sympas.

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