Prelude to rebellion
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Auteur:  ambiorix [ Mer 9 Mai 2018 11:54 ]
Sujet du message:  Prelude to rebellion

Encore un ami (après Bayonets & tomahawks et la série "NoRetreat") qui a accompli son rêve et parvenu a éditer son jeu. C'est là que je remarque que c'est énormément de travail. Que la période nous captive ou pas, que le système nous intéresse ou pas, qu'il y ai quelques coquilles, on ne peut que féliciter et lever notre chapeau aux personnes qui ont beaucoup mis de leurs temps.

Prelude to rebellion:

The Patriotes of Lower Canada became notorious for uprisings in 1837-1838 that prompted a bloody crackdown by the colonial authority. The battles that resulted from this escalating violence left quite a mark on the imagination and history of a modern-day nation unused to armed conflict.

But most Quebecers today know little about what led to these events. In the years before the rebellion, the demands for greater power for elected officials and for recognition of the Canadians' rights were at the heart of an ideological struggle between the Patriotes and a coalition loyal to the system in place under the British crown.

"Prelude to Rebellion" depicts this conflict as a card-driven game using key events from 1834 to 1837. Each player strives to mobilize the people of the various counties of Lower Canada and rally them to his point of view.

Relive the history of the famous characters who shaped the province of Quebec in a strategic duel where each turn will bring plenty of unique tension and excitement! ... anada.html

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